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Thank you card

"...thank you...for the treatment of my nerve which was very effective...and all the advice you kindly gave me about training to become and practicing as an osteopath. I am delighted to say I have taken the plunge...

Miles - South Ascot

Charles and I want to say a truly heart-felt thank you for all the hard work you have put in to Ben, your endless patience and above all the kindness you have shown has been so rewarding watching a thoroughly miserable baby blossom into a happy little boy. I only hope you are as proud of your efforts as we are delighted with the results.

Joanna & Charles - Windsor


My hip is much better. I am doing the exercises every day. Thank you.

Carolina - London

Thank you so much for coming - a corporal work of mercy of the highest order - spot on diagnosis...the reassurance was heaven sent...

Mary - London

Thank you card

Thank you so much for all your help and encouragement over the past few years.

Linda - London

I am writing to you as a professional Squash player who has competed in 2 Commonwealth Games, and represented the England team over 70 times in a career of over 15 years...Working with David Propert to keep my body in alignment with the use of osteopathy, rather than the more traumatic techniques that a chiropractor may use, has been a major factor in my body maintenance program over the last 10 years.

I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone, whether they are active sports people or regular business people, to get regular osteopathy treatments for their own personal well-being. I know I will continue to get treatments after I have ‘hung up my racket’ for the last time!!

Chris - Colchester

Thank you card

Thankyou for fixing my neck.
P.S. It feels much better.

Carolina - London

Just wanted to thank you again for the treatment and getting

me back on my feet the other week. As you know I had

travelled from NZ to London in order to push through an

initiative to massively reduce garbage discharges from ships

into the world’s oceans. This required being in meetings for

very long hours every day (with a prolapsed disc!). Without

your help it would have been near impossible for this work to

be completed, and would have greatly delayed this very

important environmental protection measure. Thank you!

                                                                     Alison - New Zealand